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Is your law firm website rated "A" or better?  Read our reviews (or search for your firm) to see.  If so, feel free to include the following graphic on your site (or another if your site rates even higher).

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Written by RedStreet founders Erik J. Heels and Richard P. Klau, the book RedStreet's Best Legal Websites 2000 includes the research methodology, analysis, and statistics behind the reviews; detailed scores in 50 categories for the nation's largest 300 law firms; and details about the best website designers.


Website Audits
Unhappy with your current website?  See why NLJ 250 law firms are hiring RedStreet to conduct in-depth audits of their current sites.  Some have called our audits "an essential first step" in the redesign process.

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CHICAGO, IL (03/27/98). Red Street Consulting today announced that it has published on its Web site in-depth reviews of the nation's best 100 law firm Web sites.

The announcement was made at the American Bar Association's annual TechShow conference in Chicago, IL, and coincides with the publication of a new book by Red Street Consulting's principals Rick Klau and Erik Heels entitled Law Law Law on the Internet: The Best Legal Web Sites and More.

"This is the culmination of a review process that began nine months ago," said Red Street Consulting's Rick Klau. "We looked at over 4,000 law firm Web sites - including all of those listed in Yahoo's and FindLaw's Web sites - to find the best 100," continued Klau.

Each of the 100 reviews includes scores for the Web site's content, presentation, and experience on a scale of zero to ten in each category. Sites were reviewed multiple times in the review process. The reviews considered page layout, navigation elements, and interactive elements - as well as how much substantive content was on the site. Sites that made the final list had total scores ranging from 21 to 29 out of 30.

Red Street Consulting's first round of reviews (published fall 1997) focused exclusively on The National Law Journal 250 law firms (the NLJ 250), the nation's largest 250 law firms. The round of reviews published today covers the nation's small and mid-sized law firms. Red Street's top 100 law firm Web site list includes 18 NLJ 250 law firms and 82 small and mid-sized law firms.

"The addition of small and mid-sized law firms to our reviews compliments our earlier reviews of the NLJ 250 law firms," said Red Street Consulting's Erik Heels. "And since 82 of the top 100 are small and mid-sized law firms, it's clear that innovation is coming from law firms of all sizes," Heels continued.

Red Street Consulting's reviews of the nation's best law firm Web sites will be updated periodically and are intended to serve as a snapshot of the legal Internet community. Visitors to Red Street's Web site may nominate firms for Red Street to consider in future reviews.

Red Street Consulting's principles are Rick Klau and Erik Heels.

Rick Klau has eight years of Internet experience and is a graduate of the University of Richmond School of Law.  While in law school, Rick founded the Richmond Journal of Law & Technology, the first student-edited law journal in the world to publish exclusively online (on the Web, Lexis-Nexis, and WestLaw). He is a regular presenter at trade shows, CLE seminars, and bar association meetings around the country on topics relating to the Internet and the legal profession. With Erik Heels, Rick co-authors "Online," a monthly column for the American Bar Association's Student Lawyer magazine.

Erik Heels has 14 years of Internet experience and six years of publishing experience in multiple media. He is a legal technologist and a patent attorney. From 1992 to 1995, Erik wrote seven editions of his book The Legal List: Law Related Resources on the Internet and Elsewhere, the last two of which were published by Lawyers Cooperative Publishing. He writes the "" column for the ABA's Law Practice Management magazine and regularly speaks about issues related to law and technology. He earned is BS in electrical engineering from MIT and his JD from the University of Maine School of Law.

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