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Is your law firm website rated "A" or better?  Read our reviews (or search for your firm) to see.  If so, feel free to include the following graphic on your site (or another if your site rates even higher).

A-Rated by RedStreet

Behind The Reviews
Written by RedStreet founders Erik J. Heels and Richard P. Klau, the book RedStreet's Best Legal Websites 2000 includes the research methodology, analysis, and statistics behind the reviews; detailed scores in 50 categories for the nation's largest 300 law firms; and details about the best website designers.


Website Audits
Unhappy with your current website?  See why NLJ 250 law firms are hiring RedStreet to conduct in-depth audits of their current sites.  Some have called our audits "an essential first step" in the redesign process.

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Consulting Overview

RedStreet's strength is helping law firms recognize the ways technology can improve the way they practice law, from improved marketing to more efficient communications.  RedStreet's focus is working with law firms of all sizes to leverage technology to improve the bottom line.

G.E.'s CEO Jack Welch set out his "Six Commandments" in an annual report several years ago. One of the commandments was to "Change Before You Have To." At RedStreet, we see this as fundamental to long-term success in the legal profession. While the prospects of change can be daunting.  Our goal is to provide compelling evidence of the benefits that change will bring. Armed with that information, you and your firm can make an informed decision.

Do your attorneys resist learning or implementing new technology? Are you having a hard time justifying a new expenditure, even though you know it will have demonstrable benefits for the firm? If so, we may be able to help.

RedStreet's founders are attorneys with over twenty-five years of combined technology experience. We can help provide you with the information you need to make a difference, whether it has to do with designing and developing your website or integrating a new contact management system.

We will work on a project basis to identify your goals, evaluate your options, and provide you with a roadmap to succeed. We routinely work with firms of all sizes, and we will bring in other experts when necessary to address your needs.

Our two primary areas of consulting focus on helping firms create more effective marketing vehicles for their firms on the web. In addition to project-based consulting, we also provide the following services:

  • Website Audits
  • RFP Consulting

Our services are not inexpensive, but our clients believe we are worth the price.  We charge $400/hour for consulting. If you'd like to request our consulting service, we can proceed as soon as we receive a $3000 retainer.  Your success is our goal. Your challenges are our opportunities. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help.

Website Audits

You know the drill. You created a website a year ago after one of the partners realized that three of your competitors had websites. You didn't have a budget, nobody bothered to identify what was wanted from the site, and it had to be done yesterday. The results have been less than impressive, and now the partners are hearing that other sites are actually producing tangible results and want to know if you can "improve" the site (whatever that means). How can you convince your firm to do it right?

We will evaluate your site, from the first page to the last. We'll tell you about things you've probably never thought about, but that definitely affect a visitor's experience at your site. The finished product ranges from 40 to 70 pages, complete with marketing and technical analysis that will give you the information you need to do the next version of your site "right."

Past clients whose sites we have audited identified our audit as an "essential first step" in their redesign efforts. Considering the time and money that you will commit to the redesign process, isn't it important that you identify what went wrong in the first version of your site? Our audit is designed to teach you everything you need to know about your current site so you can decide what to keep, what to eliminate, and what to improve.

Each audit contains analysis from the experts in this area. RedStreet's founders were on the Internet well before the web showed up, and they have had several years to observe the legal profession's missteps in the years since the web was invented. They've looked at thousands of law firm websites, have written the book (literally) on what works and what doesn't, and have published hundreds of in-depth reviews to educate visitors about what makes a good website.

Once we've audited your site, consider having us help you in the redesign process. As a result of several requests, we now assist firms with the writing of the web design RFP and the proposal evaluation process.

Our services are not inexpensive, but our clients believe we are worth the price.  We charge $6,000 for an audit. If you'd like to request an audit, we can proceed as soon as we receive a 50% deposit.  We are happy to provide names of clients who have had us audit their sites. Just drop us a line.

RFP Consulting

RedStreet began with a simple purpose: to help clients learn more about how the Internet can be an effective marketing tool. Our first attempt to educate clients was the Website Audit. which evaluates the firm's existing website, details mistakes made, and provides information about how to improve the site.

It became clear that the audit is a first step, but that many firms want more help. Once they know what they want from a redesigned site, they need assistance in identifying a designer, evaluating various proposals for the redesign, and working with the designer to accomplish their goals. As anyone who has gone through this process knows, it's not always easy.

Today, we offer assistance to law firms who want to efficiently redesign their site. Our process consists of three steps:

1.  RFP Design.  First off, we will work with the firm to identify the goals of the redesign. We will create an RFP and distribute the RFP to qualified web designers who have worked with the legal profession in the past. Red Street maintains a database of over 100 designers who have designed quality law firm websites and routinely reviews the list to remove anyone with negative client feedback and/or poor quality work.

2.  Proposal Evaluation.  Once the designers submit their proposals, we will help you identify the top contenders. We will look for proposals that are narrowly tailored to your needs, and that avoid including lots of bells and whistles just for the sake of it (unless, of course, that's what you want). We will provide a written evaluation of each proposal, along with a recommendation identifying the top three proposals.

3.  Procedural Consulting.  Once the designer has been selected, we will determine whether you want us to play an active or passive role in the design process. We can serve as your advocate, ensuring that the designer sticks to what was promised, or simply act as a sounding board, providing input when requested about the status of the project.

We know that this service isn't for everyone. But firms who are unsure of how to proceed see this as "insurance," peace of mind that at every step of the way, they will have our counsel to help reassure them that they're doing the right thing. If this sounds right for you, don't hesitate to get in touch.


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