* About RedStreet

Law Firm Website Reviews (1997-2000)


RedStreet (The Company)

RedStreet (the company, founded as RedStreet Consulting, later incorporated as RedStreet Inc.) was founded in 1997 by Erik J. Heels and Richard P. Klau. From 1997-2000, RedStreet provided consulting services to the largest law firms in the USA. Also from 1997-2000, RedStreet published five rounds of reviews of law firm websites. In 2001, RedStreet Inc. ceased operations .

RedStreet.com (The Website)

In 2007, ten years after the founding of RedStreet (the company), the RedStreet.com website was relaunched by its new/current owner (GiantPeople LLC) to preserve RedStreet’s historic law firm website reviews. RedStreet’s early website reviews document what the early web was like for lawyers.