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Venable is a full-servicebusiness law firm with five offices in theWashington/Baltimore metropolitan area. Founded in 1900 by three eminentBaltimore attorneys, the firm has grown to become one of the leading legalservice organizations in its market. Venable's attorneys cover a broadscope of services for the business client. Lawyers who concentrate in InformationLaw are particularly poised to assist clients on the Information Superhighway.

EmploymentOpportunities at Venable, including information on recruitment, availablepositions, associate training programs and more.

DISCLAIMER: The materials on this Website havebeen prepared by Venable for informational purposes only and are not legaladvice. This information is not intended to create, and receipt of it doesnot constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Internet users and onlinereaders should not act upon this information without seeking professionalcounsel. Do not send us confidential information until you speak with oneof our attorneys and get authorization to send that information to us.

This server contains more than 200 articleson a variety of legal topics. In addition to this electronic server, thefirm publishes a number of printed periodicals. Specific articles are indexedunder each of the firm's three practice areas .Articles from the following electronic publications are published here:

Currently featured articles on this server are:

Venable Website Wins Technical and Content Awards!!

Venable washonored as one of the Best of the Web among law sites by LegalOnline

Venable won the Third Annual SiliconWebbernaut Award given out by Web Counsel, LLC, for the Best Law FirmWebsite that demonstrates use and understanding of the Internet and itstechnology. (We also won the award the first time it was given in 1995!)

The Venable site has also been chosen for the "Premier Site!"award byVentana Press and is listed in the 2nd edition of their Walkingthe World Wide Web

Venable'sNII Reporter and the Workplace Labor Updatewere reviewed and recognized by TheMcKinley Group . Reviews of articles on our server can be read by searching"Venable" at their Website.

Venable is also indexed and reviewed in ABusiness Compass

Venable uses a WebSite(TM) WWW server topublish our materials.

Further information on this server, ourfirm, its organization and its goals is available.

Web server statistics for 1994, 1995 , 1996and 1997 are now available.

Please check in often as the publications on our server change frequently.New articles are added and existing articles are updated.

We have installed a feedback questionnairefor your use. If you have a forms-capable browser, please take a minuteto let us know how we can make this server more useful to you.

For further information on Venable send your email to: info@venable.com

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